NAP:ITT /in the Tumult/
NAP:ITT EP1 My Name Is Nester

NAP:ITT EP1 My Name Is Nester

An audible plea

(Mostly) alone in the Tumult, Nester starts to speak aloud, asking the Oneiroi for help. Will they hear him?

Discord: Pilgrim’s Nest
X: @NesterPilgrim
Threads: @NesterPilgrim

NAP:ITT /in the Tumult/
An Exalt with a diamond rebirthmark who is on a pilgrimage through the Tumult casts his voice into the Empyrean seeking help from the Oneroi. He is trying to put the Tumult to rest. You have come across his voice. What could that mean? What will you do?
-- This is an AlteredTCG podcast focused on the lore and the poetry of a post Confluence Earth and the Tumult pilgrimage of an Exalt.
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Justin Hicks