The Pilgrim’s Precept

Consider your life from the perspective of a great soul who has chosen the pilgrimage of your life for and despite its limits and its concomitant events.

Take with you your cloak and canteen; your book and pen; your crown, anchor, and tools. Seek the hive of life’s honey, the mill of life’s bread, the spring of life’s water, and the rhythm of life’s breath.

Go from where you are with what you have.

-The Court of the Six Queens

Nergui, Queen of Wilds
Deline, Queen of Borders
Halan, Queen of Goods
Socia, Queen of Roads
Karma, Queen of Seasons
Conatus, Queen of Actors

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Pilgrim texts are about the abstract, the concrete, and the liminal space where the two meet. Symbols. Reality. People.


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